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Flat Roof?

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Flat Roof Replacement
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Flat Roofs that are untidy and worn

Flat Roof Solutions is a well established company specialising in solving problems with flat roofing in a way that may not have been available when your flat roof was established. 

We have been operating throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs and Lincolnshire for a number of years. We specialise in both  fibreglass (GRP) and rubber roofing (EDPM) on domestic properties. Both of these systems are great alternatives to traditional felt roofs as they have a far superior life span on average giving you long-term peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on providing a first class service from initial consultation all the way to completion of your project; at extremely competitive prices. We will tailor each job to our clients specific needs and requirements although the workmanship will always be to high standard regardless of the service we are providing.

Fibreglass Roofing (GRP)

Fibreglass roofing has been around for some while but with improved installation methods it has now become very popular and comes with the knowledge that it’s going to last for very many years.  It is an ideal Flat Roof Solution.  GRP by the way stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic.  By its very name it’s clear that it will be more than up to withstanding the rigours of any East Anglian weather, whether it’s on the north coast or inland.

Rubber Roofing (EDPM)

This rubber roofing also known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EDPM) is made by Firestone among others and is a very durable product.

It can be a first class Flat Roof Solution but whether it is more suitable for your roof than Fibreglass depends on a number of factors on which we will be pleased to advise you.

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You Call Us to Discuss

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We Measure Up

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We Provide Written Quote

Step 4

With Your Approval We Install

About Us

We are a family firm.  We are honest, trustworthy and hard working and we know our reputation depends upon it.  We specialise in the repair and/or replacement of Flat Roof coverings that leak or look untidy because we are really good at it and know exactly what we are doing.  That means we can deal with any problem you might have both affordably and expertly.  We will do the job and we will clean up after ourselves.  We know in advance you will be delighted with the quality of work that we will provide.

We call ourselves Flat Roof Solutions because that’s the area we specialise in.  Flat roofs over many years have been constructed and then covered by mineral  felt often finished with stone chippings and they do well for a number of years but then the weather starts to take its toll,UV rays from the sun,wind,rain,snow and frost. The coverings begin to crack, flake split and lift.  The covering becomes ineffective and the flat roofs start to develop leaks.  Moss and other plant life starts to take a hold and the problem worsens.   Today we use either Fibreglass (GRP) or Rubber Roofing (EDPM) because they are far more durable, lasting for far more years than mineral felt and all without any maintenance.

Fibreglass or Rubber for that Leaking Flat Roof?

And your flat roof whether it be over a house extension or a shed needs to be replaced with either of these modern materials. So, which do you need – Fibreglass Roofing or Rubber Roofing?  We will know which to recommend and we will give you the full facts on which type will suiit your situation best.

Top Quality Flat Roof Materials

We only use top quality materials for all leaking flat roof repairs and replacments, Lloyds approved resins for GRP and Firestone for our EDPM  In the roofing industry these are both proven, long lasting, highly resilient systems.

Flat Roof Repair vs House Value

What’s more is that a really good looking replacement of your flat roof can and will improve the value of your house when selling.  The cost is often far outweighed by the increased house valuation.  Prospective owners will look upon  broken or leaking mineral felt coverings as a problem that they will have to solve.  So getting it replaced today will almost certainly result in a quicker, more profitable sale for you.

We are Flat Roof Solutions and we specialise in the repair and replacement of flat roofs that leak or need repair.  We are experts in this area of roofing.

Get a Quote Today

If your flat roof isn’t doing what it should – leaking; looks untidy – then now is the time to replace it.

Why wait any longer?

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